Message from President

Message from President:
Every year about half a million work force enters into labour market in Nepal but their employment security is hardly discussed in parliament. The lack of implementation of existing labour laws, and apathy of government, employers and political parties, have often complicated the working condition of thousands of workers in Nepal. This further drives large mass of workers especially from informal economy into multi-faceted vulnerabilities i.e. exploitation, harassment and other work place injustices inflicted from discrimination in wage, lack of decent work environment and unfair payment systems. In the pretext of this increasing insecurity, All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions has been taking lead initiation to raising major workers issues from the time of its establishment. Yet, major workplace grievances of the huge number of workers remain unaddressed. In this scenario, our joint efforts are highly required in order to strongly press the government and employers to address fundamental workers issues through the implementation of decent work and labour standards. We also believe that establishment of state friendly state machinery can only help ensuring the rights of workers in all aspects. To achieve aforementioned objectives, we appeal all the workers to join our campaigns for the promotion and protection of overall workers’ rights and occupational benefits.

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