Although the organized trade union movement in Nepal is said to have started in 2003 BS, for many years, the workers were prevented from their basic rights. The autocratic 104 years Rana regime and 240 feudalistic Panchayat System under monarchy, did not allow free trade union movement in Nepal until 1990. On the pretext of injustices, exploitation and discrimination inflicted upon large mass of workers, ANTUF took bold initiatives and carried out trade union activities at underground level. And this continued for more than 12 years. ANTUF was involved in the 10 Years People’s War that was directed against the centralized feudal state machinery called monarchy. During the people’ war and long course of trade union movement more than 60 trade unions leaders and members lost their life.

After the decade long People’s War, Peace Agreement in 2006, following the political change in the nation, ANTUF exercised its open trade union movement in Nepal since 2007. ANTUF carries the spirit of the decade long People’s War and the historic People’s Uprising in which thousands of workers sacrificed their lives for the change and betterment of political system in the nation. The struggle was also against the discriminatory state policies and supremacy of the elite to the working class people. ANTUF has played instrumental role in the political struggle for the establishment of republic in Nepal. From the beginning, ANTUF has been representing all the workers from across the nation and striving for their rights. It has also been unifying thousands workers in and outside the country for guaranteeing their trade union rights. Now, ANTUF has been the largest trade union in Nepal representing the voice of all the workers from both organized and unorganized sectors.

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