हाम्रो प्राथमिकताहरू

  • Promotion of Industrial Peace and Democratic Labor Market by developing good industrial relations and resolving industrial conflicts by bringing the workers and employers at a common table.
  • Inclusive representation and participation of women in all units, plants and central level committees by empowering them with leadership training, organizing training, literacy training and other awareness programs.
  • Labour law reform with the inclusion of the decent work agenda in national Labor Legislation, and strengthening the international advocacy and solidarity for a labor law reforms including the right to organizing, voting from work place and collective bargaining.
  • Assurance of health and workplace-accident insurance, Right to equality, Collective Bargaining, Social Security, Freedom of association & Voting rights from workplace.
  • Protection and promotion of migrant workers’ right as per the international Labour Standards.
  • Labour La reform, establishment of Labour Commission, women empowerment, implementation OSH and Labour Standards.

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