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When you define a topic for your history research, try to think about it

Obsute the earliest known civilizations

Students must study the characteristics of Mesopotamia around 3000 BC. In discussing how geography and climate affect the region, students must explain the importance of the Tigris and Euphrates, as well as their significance for agriculture. What was the trafficking in human beings (deaths) and how did they organize their civilization? What were their religious beliefs and how did it affect the Government? What important inventions or historical contributions (e.g., cunform, wheel wheels, bronze, etc.)-are the people of Mesopotamia to which they are counted?

Discuss how the first people arrived in North America

Your article should consider the routes and reasons why humans have been resettlers in Canada and the United States. How did they get here? Do not forget to mention the significance of geography and climate (for example, the Ice Age and the Beringia). What did they have in the search? What proof do we have that these were the first people in North America? Are there different theories about who was the first in North America?

Discuss the Mongols and China

How is Genghis Khan unifies various tribes or confederations of Eurasia in the early 13th century to form the largest land empire in history? Discuss the conditions before the empire, as well as some of the most important tribes that have been unified, and describe some of the important invasions that have taken place. Describe the military methods and innovations of the Khans, such as the use of siege weapons, cavalry and the formation of the composition.
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Who was the descendants of Genhis Khan and what are their lists in the Empire? What effects do the Mongol empire have on society?

Discuss the Roman period leading to the Roman Empire

Discuss the predefined period of ancient Rome. What is the ancient Roman form of government up to 500 BC? Discuss the five stages of the political history of the republic, beginning with the overthrow of the monarchy at 509 B.C. to Julius Caesar and post-Roman Empire. To study the Constitution of the Roman Republic and discuss some of its characteristics (e.g. consuls, separation of powers, limits of terms of office, etc.). What are some examples of the legislative structures used in the Roman Republic, which still can be observed in today’s world? (ALL)

Discuss the British imperial century (1815 -1914)

In height, the British Empire covered almost a quarter of the world’s land, as well as a fifth of the population, most of which was added to the Empire from 1815 to 1914. How did the victory over Napoleon contribute to the expansion of the British Empire? Discuss the East Indian Company and the Corona Crown in her affairs. How does the rivaling with Russia in the nineteenth century influence the sphere of influence of the United Kingdom? What territories in Canada, Australia and Ireland play in limiting the expansion of the United Kingdom? What affected the First World War?

Discuss the early meso-American civilizations

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, civilizations were flourishing in Mexico and Central America. Who was Olmec and what do we know about their civilization? Describe the contributions of the Maya people, including their infrastructure, and the improvements they have made to the record, the calendar and the arts. Later, Aztec will dominate the Mesoamerica. Discuss their mythological and religious traditions and their architecture. How did Spanish researchers in the 16th century mark the end of an era for these local Mesoamerican cultures?

Discuss some of the important factors that led to the Second World War

The Treaty of Versailles has several important weaknesses in how they eliminated German reparations in the first world war. What was that? How do other countries consider the military build-up and distribution of Hitler’s troops before the war? Discuss some of the ways in which European countries pacify Germany’s demands for territory and power. Had there been other pre-war events? Don’t forget to discuss Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia, the Spanish civil war, the Japanese invasion of China and the Soviet Union, and so on

Discuss the origin and effects of the British industrial revolution

Changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport and technology have had an incredible impact on British life. What are some of the achievements that have led to the use of human and animal labour? How are the interchangeable components influencing production and producing higher precision and mass production? How does the steam, coal and other forms of energy affect production and transportation? The social consequences of such changes, such as their impact on the population, standard of living, urbanization,

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