• All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions (ANTUF) is the largest trade union in Nepal with more than 4, 15,000 members both from formal and informal economy. This umbrella for industry-wise national trade union federations was established in 2007 with the motto of promoting and protecting the rights of workers within and beyond the nation. Since inception, ANTUF has been leading discussion on labour issues and rigorously intensifying its lobby and advocacy campaigns to ensure the fundamental rights of workers. Over the years, ANTUF has developed a number of trainers in different levels and established strong OSH national, regional/district and enterprises committees. Through regular training/orientation programs, it has organized large mass of workers from both formal and informal economy across the nation and empowered them as well.
  • ANTUF strives for the democratic labor market and industrial development in the newly established republic in the nation where political, socio-economic and workers rights are guaranteed. Since decent work, social security of workers and democratic labour market are workers’ prioritized issues, ANTUF from the beginning, has been constantly striving for the reformation of Labour Law, and Social Security Bill. Furthermore, ANTUF has been actively lobbying for implementation of all Labour Laws, Social Security Act and ILO Core Conventions ratified by Nepal government. Plus, it has been pressurizing concerned authorities/entities to implement minimum wage, labour standards including the workers’ representation in the decision making body.
  • Objectives:
    • Educate workers about trade union rights, human rights, collective bargaining strategy and national and international labour standards.
    • Establish effective Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Labor Inspection System (LIS) in the Nepali labor market.
    • Promote Occupational Health and Safety in workplace thereby by establishing social security and insurance policy for all workers.
    • Protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers by ensuring secured & dignified work environment.
    • Improve labor legislation and national social security schemes through social dialogue and negotiation mechanisms with concerned parties.
    • Promote trade union activities at local, regional, national levels with awareness programs.
    • Enhance the capacity, skill and knowledge of all the workers through different training, orientation and seminar

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